About Me

A brief introduction of who I am and what I do.
Divided into acting and photography I look forward with no particular need of an artistic definition.

Photographer / Actor

Christian Burruano

I was born in Turin, Italy, the 9th of April 1987. Photography wasn’t really my field at the beginning. I was focused on acting that became my first actual profession. It all started with an old 24×36 camera It took a while to get used to the film but I think it was the best school for my skills to develop with consciousness. Of course I moved to digital photography quite soon but I always come back to my first love. I do think that analogical photography remains the most poetic way we have to portrait what we like. It gives you the chance to think before shooting. That pause, that little breath you take between technical issues and artistic impulsiveness, that is the most creative and meaningful phase of photography in my opinion. It’s all about awareness.

I grew up in this philosophy by my own and even if I tried different styles and subjects, people are magnetic to me. There’s something in the eyes of a girl or an old man that always captures me. I loose my thoughts into them. It’s the big undiscoverable world inside each person that fascinates me so much. Maybe I portrait people because I’ve this naïf thought that by doing it I might be able to get a bit closer to their thoughts. I don’t know. What i’m sure of is that I believe in the power of simple communication. And eye-contact is the most powerful and simple way of communicating, something sophisticate and unique that only the human species uses to express emotions.

“Simplicity of emotions” is what really describes my Personal Photography. Everything that goes beyond this kind of communication and tries to fake it has to be ripped of. I understand it could appear simplistic and easy-to-do, but it is not. It’s about giving importance to real things instead of trying to focus the attention on the appearance.

Simple is not as simple as it looks.

I hope you like my work and if you agree with my philosophy and my thoughts, please share it on your social networks. I’m always opened to different points of view and propositions that could bring a new perspective. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be glad to work with you and your ideas.